True Detective Season 2 will begin filming in September

The second season of True Detective is right around the corner and it seems that we finally have our first massive piece of confirmed news all summer long.

After months of rumors and speculation, HBO has finally given out some real and concrete information about the upcoming season of the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has confirmed that the second season of True Detective will begin filming in September.

“We’re going to start shooting in September for it to air next summer,” Lombardo told an audience at the Edinburgh TV Festival, confirming various plot details about the show.

This is huge news which doesn’t have anything to do with the cast but it finally gives us a production start date and the speculation can begin from there. No other information was given about the cast or a premiere date other than it will be a summer show, but at least we have news about the show that isn’t speculation or rumor.

It’s still possible that an early 2015 premiere date can be hit but the bottom line is we have a production start date and when cameras start rolling in September, not only will we have a cast confirmed but there will be more eyes on this set than there were in season one which means plenty of leaks for fans to cling to until the show eventually premieres.