Colin Farrell is Perfect for True Detective

A lot is currently be said about the choice to cast Vince Vaughn, but not much is being said about Colin Farrell. Farrell was rumored to be joining the cast before Vaughn but never sparked the same amount of discussion. That’s a shame. Vince Vaughn is interesting to talk about because it’s a choice that seemingly came out of nowhere, and dramatic acting is not exactly what Vaughn is none for. But there’s something more to be said for Farrell.

Farrell may have more work as a dramatic actor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t quite as divisive as Vaughn. Even though Farrell wasn’t as big of a surprise, he tends to be a love-him-or-hate-him actor, somewhere on the same line as Matthew McConaughey. This is a chance to win over more fans who were either on the fence or those that outright dislike him.

Farrell has been in a large number of odd roles as well as his more mainstream fare, including parts In Bruges, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Fright Night, and Seven Psychopaths. Farrell represents a perfect cross-section A-list and indie, and will hopefully be able to attract both audiences.

He’s no stranger to dark roles and his charisma isn’t something to be ignored. We’re betting that Farrell will be another home run for True Detective, whose casting choices so far have yet to disappoint. Season two is shaping up so far to be just as exciting and unique as the first, and Colin Farrell is just the tip of the iceberg.