True Detective Season Two: T. Bone Burnett Returning?

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Since the first season of True Detective ended, fans have agonized over who would do the music for season two. The score of True Detective’s first season was haunting and moving. Oh, and fans are still clamoring for an official release (what gives, HBO?) T. Bone Burnett’s True Detective score was a thing of beauty, and now it looks like he may be returning for the a second helping.

Starcasm has assembled evidence that T. Bone Burnett will, in fact, be returning to for True Detective season two. Those that watched yesterday’s teaser will have likely took note of the song that played. It turns out that the song is by Lera Lynn and was co-written with Roseanne Cash and with music by T. Bone Burnett.

This information came out in a series of tweets yesterday by both Cash and Lynn. Where it gets tricky, however, is that both performers deleted their tweets. That leaves us without any real official confirmation, but it does seem rather fishy.

It’s possible that they dished about the music before HBO or the True Detective camp were ready to do so and had to quickly back pedal. True Detective has been keeping this information under wraps, for some reason. Even if it doesn’t end up being T. Bone Burnett — perhaps he only worked on the song in the teaser — it seems like an off bit of info to hold onto so tightly.

Now that HBO has finally broken the seal on True Detective, you can expect information to be flowing in shortly. Possibly within the next couple of weeks. Concerning another missing detail of note, True Detective’s press release yesterday only mentioned Justin Lin as the director of the first two episodes. No other directors were listed.

Secretive details are all part of the True Detective game, but hopefully we’ll be getting to the of it soon.

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