HBO Vs. Australia’s Wagga Wagga In Legal Battle Over Motto

HBO’s motto or tagline has been, “It’s not TV. It’s HBO,” for quite a while now. I’m not that old, and I assume they’ve had marketing slogans before that one, but I can’t remember another one.

This is relevant because a small Australian TV outlet called (I’m not making that up), has a slogan that’s sort of similar. By small, I mean it is internet-only and broadcasts programming mostly of interest to a single town with a population of 46,000 people.

And by similar, I mean the slogan is, “It’s not TV. It’s dot TV.” In fairness, that is pretty close. On the other hand, the chance of anyone with a rational mind confusing HBO for lies firmly between slim and none.

That didn’t stop HBO from sending a letter asking them to kindly change its slogan. As Australian outlet reports, the founder and CEO of the internet TV station didn’t even think it was serious.

Fortunately, this isn’t a bullying story and it has a happy ending. HBO changed its mind about legal action, and is going to leave alone. And yes, I wrote it that way on purpose so I could type “WaggaWagga” one last time.