Could True Detective Continue Without Nic Pizzolatto?


The first season of True Detective owes a lot of credit to Nic Pizzolatto for the way he crafted a literary and cinematic story that worked as a television series. That’s a whole lot of layering going on and Pizzolatto has arrived as a coveted Hollywood talent as a result.

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  • But Pizzolatto has stated that he can’t see himself working on the show for much longer than three years meaning we may only get three seasons with him in charge of writing the show. That begs the question of whether or not the series can survive without Pizzolatto in charge of things, something that might happen after he leaves the series.

    Just because Pizzolatto only wants to do three seasons of the show doesn’t mean we will only see that many air. Shows lose their creative leader all the time and press on, but usually the results are less than favorable. Let’s hope this isn’t the case for True Detective but it may end up being so.

    That being said though, HBO is pretty good about ending their shows on their own terms and at the right time, so if Pizzolatto were to leave after three seasons we may see the network end the show so that the epic status he holds isn’t tainted.