True Detective Dream Casting: Jon Hamm and the Unknown


True Detective casting rumors seem to be changing almost every week, so of course we have something new to chew on. The current rumor making the rounds is that not only has the first script been turned in, but that it contains only a single male lead and possibly several male/female co-stars. This changes things quite a bit, but of course isn’t actually indicative of what we’ll end up seeing on screen. That said, however, we bring you Jon Hamm. We’ve made the argument for Hamm once before, but in light of the current rumor circulating we think it’s appropriate to re-introduce the idea.

Hamm has consistently proved his dramatic chops throughout Mad Men, and he’s no stranger to keeping a few secrets.  It might seem like this is more of an argument for his character Don Draper to make an appearance, but it’s not. Hamm without a doubt is capable of that certain darkness that we’ve come to expect from True Detective characters. He’s also an all-around talented and funny guy, as seen from his many surprise appearances on SNL. Not that he’d probably have much of a chance to put those skills to use on True Detective, of course.

With the possibility of only a single male lead, we’re looking at a situation in which some unknowns could be cast to round things out. This, frankly, could actually be a bit more exciting that simply stuffing the season with big names. There’s something very special about watching an actor come into his or her own, and True Detective could certainly provide a springboard for that. The idea of seeing Jon Hamm in a noir like True Detective sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. With Mad Men airing the second half of its final season next year, it’s possible that he could find the time. What are your thoughts on Jon Hamm? Just right? Too handsome? Speak your mind.