Will True Detective Season 2 Have Female Lead Roles?


True Detective is a show about solving a crime but the show itself is so hard to find clues about that it’s almost part of the game that’s being played by HBO with the whole idea of the series. The cast and who is chosen to play the lead roles is what everyone is obsessed with at the moment and with good reason following the likely Emmy nominated performances of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

But besides who will be playing the leads, fans want to know what the gender of the leads will be as the major gripe with the first season is the underwritten female characters the show had.

So far, it looks like if the report we heard from The Wrap earlier last week holds water then we will not have dual female leads like initially wished for by fans following the conclusion of the first season. That report indicated there is just one true lead role and it will be a make character, meaning season two will contain female supporting leads at the best.

We can’t be all that upset about the decision because for starters it might be a bunk rumor and also, we’re not writing the series so we should be happy with what we get so long as the quality of the show doesn’t dip. Pizzolatto isn’t going to be bullied into writing characters tp please fans, and he’s also not a moron who will underwrite his female characters again in season two.

No one knows what the new season holds, so before we start judging the new season too harshly, let’s remember that not a single frame has been shot yet so we literally have nothing to judge in the first place.