Emmy Award Nominations Will Be Announced Next Thursday


While we all wait for the second season of True Detective to announce just any sort of news, fans are looking forward to the Emmy nominations to see what awards the hit HBO series will be in the running for. It’s widely expected that Matthew McConaughey is a lock to get a nomination while the series itself is likely to get a nod as well under Best Drama Series.

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  • But no matter who is getting honored with a nomination, all we care about right now is when the nominations will be announced and it’s information not everyone knows.

    If you don’t know when the nominations are coming out, you’re likely not alone as things will be moved back from when they were last years. Due to the show being on NBC this year, the Emmys can’t be televised on a Sunday in September as the network is contractually obliged to and would likely rather air Sunday Night Football.

    As a result, the Emmys have been moved back to August 25th which is not only a month earlier than the awards show from last year but it’s also on a Monday evening instead of a Sunday night.

    Before we can get to that date though, we need to hear the nominations announced and those will be revealed on July 10th at 8:35 am ET.

    That’s when we will find out which awards True Detective is up for and we can start preparing ourselves for quite a few.