Will True Detective Be At Comic Con This Year?


Once a year, everything that is cool or has a fanboy following gathers in San Diego for what is known as the San Diego International Comic Con. It’s here that everything and anything that has a rabid following of loyal fans comes to promote itself or its new projects and naturally the question has become will HBO be bringing True Detective to this fanboy orgy of awesome?

If you’re thinking that Comic Con is just for Star wars geeks and comic book nerds, you’re wrong. It’s the official start of the next year of fanboy passion as everything from movies like The Avengers and Planet of the Apes and television shows like Gotham and even The Big Bang Theorycome out to promote themselves and have a special interaction with fans to tease the next season of a show or the release of a film.

HBO has brought Game of Thrones to Comic Con a few times in the past but it doesn’t appear as though True Detective will be there this year.

Despite it being a perfect opportunity to debut the new cast, Comic Con will be without True Detective this year unless something changes at the last minute. We’ve had surprises at Comic Con before, as the announcement of what is now known as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was dropped on us out of nowhere last year, so there’s hope for a True Detective announcement.

Let’s not hold our breath though as there’s nothing on the schedule for True Detective at Comic Con which is something we’re just going to have to live with for now.