True Detective Dream Casting: Edward Norton


With the second season of True Detective is just around the corner and that means that we’re going to start hearing more and more about the cast that is going to be carrying on the story to a new season and a new place.

All of the excitement of trying to figure out who the new cast is going to be has led fans to put together wishlists of  actors they want to see in the show and that has led to some interesting names being brought up. One of those names is Edward Norton, who has gotten back to making acting a regular career as he’s starred in some big films the past few years.

Norton hit it big int he 90s, getting nominated for an Oscar in the first role he took and adding films like American History X and Fight Club to his resume. He tapered off in the 2000s but he still had hits like The 25th Hour and The Incredible Hulk but they came after long absences from major roles. He’s reviving his career though with roles in Wes Anderson films as well as the blockbuster The Bourne Legacy and snagging a role on True Detective could solidify his career as one of the best actors of his generation.

He’s a natural fit for just about anything, which means the character he’d bring to True Detective would be something we all wouldn’t soon forget. He’s a bit of a recluse when it comes to the roles he picks as he’s selective and doesn’t chase big parts in big projects but True Detective is artistically respected enough that it may be too tempting for Norton to pass up if offered a part.