True Detective Season 2: Is Elisabeth Moss right for the show?


With the second season of True Detective coming down the pike here rather soon, it’s come time to start breaking down the cast to see if they have what it takes to make sure that the new season of the show lives up to what the first season offered up.

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  • We’ve already discussed Vince Vaughn and how brilliant that bit of casting was, but another interesting choice is Elisabeth Moss for the reported part of an addicted small town sheriff who has to try and conquer her demons before it’s too late and bad things get worse.

    While we don’t specifically know her role yet, the bottom line no matter what it is will be that Moss is an inspired bit of casting in the same way that Vaughn was. We’ve seen her on Mad Men but not many people have seen her work outside of that show.

    Moss is a supremely talented actress who seems like she’s just one big break away from being a true A-List talent, and that  might be what True Detective provides her.

    It’s hard to say that Mad Men isn’t a big break for her, but turning in an Emmy-worthy performance on True Detective in addition to her work on Mad Men will make it hard for people to not consider her for roles in the future in bigger and bigger projects.

    Moss may not be as well known as she should be, but True Detective has a way of changing the fortunes of actors who star on the show.