True Detective to take True Blood time slot in 2015?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is right around the corner and that means we’re going to eventually hear a premiere date announced. So far, nothing has come about in terms of news about the cast or much of anything else outside of a production start date.

That could all change though with the announcement of a premiere date as True Detective is slated to begin production this month on its second season, meaning a date is clearly in mind at HBO. In fact, we already know that the series will premiere in the Summer, meaning that an exact date may surface soon.

The folks over at HBO Watch have opined that the old True Blood time slot may be filled with True Detective when the second season premiere next summer.

"If we were to guess we’d put True Detective into True Blood’s old summer air slot. That would mean TD:S2 would premiere sometime in late June, a week or two after whenever Game of Thrones season 5 ends.  Analyzing the calendar: June 21st, 2015, plus or minus a week is our long-shot guess at a premiere date for True Detective season 2."

It’s a solid guess, as True Blood is now off the air at HBO and the network needs something to fill the hole with. The Leftovers is an intriguing option as well, but True Detective premiering in June after Game of Thrones ends it’s fifth season makes a whole lot of sense.