Vince Vaughn is perfect for True Detective Season 2


Perhaps the biggest piece of information from this weekend regarding the second season of true detective was that comedic actor of Vince Vaughn was confirmed to playing the villain role.

To be fair judging from the character descriptions of both Colin Farrell’s role and that to be played by Vaughn, it will be hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in the second season of the show.

Cameras haven’t even started rolling footage yet for the second season and fans are railing against Vince Vaughn being chosen for the cast. But it’s hard to judge Vaughn in the second season of True Detective because there’s really nothing to base a judgment on at this point other than a character description.

Those who are against Vince Vaughn being part of the cast will point his filmography which has it’s a high points but his overall less impressive than fans of the show would like it to be. Most recently he starred in the film the internship along with Owen Wilson which was a movie not generally excepted by critics and panned by fans of hard-core cinema.

To call Vince Vaughn an artist, to some would be an insult, but he’s not as bad as people think. He’s no doubt sold his soul to the romantic comedies of Hollywood but this is a chance for redemption for Vince Vaughn is True Detective is a type of role that can revive his career in the most important way.

If you look at his early work from the beginning of his career, there’s a lot to like. Well it seems every Vince Vaughn movie these days either a cheesy comedy or a bad romantic movie is early filmography has movies on it like The Lost World Jurassic Park, Swingers and other dramatic roles that either did or didn’t work for him. But even the bad dramatic roles he had were at least an attempt to branch out as an actor.

That’s why he’s perfect for the second season of True Detective as he’s shown a willingness in the past to branch out into the dramatic darkness of cinema. He may not be everyone’s first choice for the role he took but let’s not judge Vince Vaughn in the second season until we actually see Vince Vaughn in the second season.

All we know at this point is he’s in the show for sure and that’s nothing to judge it something to react to and that’s two completely different things. Giving Vaughn a chance isn’t the worst thing in the world and who knows, he may surprise us like another actor who only started bad romantic comedies and the 2000s and was nominated for an Emmy for the first season of this very show.