Andy Samberg Gives HBO Now Login on Emmys


Andy Samberg’s hosting job during the 67th Annual Emmy Awards was a mixed bag of awkward joke deliveries and sketches, but one bit that killed was announcing his HBO Now username and password. Yes, Samberg displayed on the screen a fully functioning username and password for HBO’s streaming service.

During the first hour of the show, Samberg took the stage to comment on quotes from HBO executives stating that they didn’t care if people shared their HBO Go and HBO Now logins with friends and loved ones. Samberg then displayed what he claimed was his personal email and login for HBO Now.

It’s surely not his personal since it has an “” email address, but many twitter users claimed to have tried it out with success. It wasn’t good for long since the username and password was changed by anyone who gained access, but it was a funny bit thanks to its authenticity.

The username was a nod to HBO’s Game of Thrones with an email of “,” and the password was a simple “password1.”

This was an early celebration of HBO for this year’s Emmy Awards. HBO cleaned up with 14 wins just in the Primetime Emmys. It won several others in the Creative Arts portion last week. The biggest winner for the network was Olive Kitteridge in the Short Run or Movie categories.

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