George R.R. Martin Would Like To Stop Talking About A Game Of Thrones Movie


Sometimes George R.R. Martin seems a little prickly to me. The 67-year-old author definitely gets cranky when asked repeatedly about when his next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series is going to be finished, and honestly, unless you happen to be his publisher, you don’t really have the right to keep bugging him about that.

One of the other things that appears to have gotten under Martin’s skin is talk of A Game of Thrones movie. It’s kind of understandable when people keep harping away at it and he says it’s not happening, and he actually took the time to respond to the most recent rumor from a somewhat reputable source.

Said source was The Daily Star (I did say “somewhat”), which ran an article a few days ago flat out quoting Martin saying that there would be a movie once the TV series wrapped up its run on HBO. I mean, that’s a quote, right, with quotation marks and the whole nine yards.

That prompted Martin to address the story on his own blog — dude still uses LiveJournal! In his blog post, he mentions the fact that while he’d love for a movie to finish off his epic, and that it might have been kicked around before the TV series became a success, it wasn’t in the plans right now:

"There is great enthusiasm for the notion, sure, but not necessarily from HBO. They are in the TV business, not the feature film business. And those of you with long memories may recall all the rumors about a SOPRANOS movie… a ROME movie… a DEADWOOD movie. Rumors is all they were. And that’s all this one is too, at least for now."

Hey George, they did make an Entourage movie! On second thought, maybe that’s not the greatest example …