Former Twitter CEO Now A Writer For Silicon Valley


Not many of us get to do super cool stuff for a career, much less enjoy a mid-life career change where we can write about the super cool stuff we used to do. Dick Costolo is the exception to the rule, as he’s found an entertaining way to tackle his next act by joining the writers room of the HBO series Silicon Valley.

Costolo is best known from his time as CEO of Twitter, but in fairness, he was also once a stand-up comedian. That means his new gig might not be the giant leap it may first appear.

Plus, given the show’s subject matter, it makes total sense for someone from the tech world to be on staff. Here’s how Costolo described his role with the rest of the writers in an interview with Bloomberg Business:

"I’m in the writers room, and it’s more consulting than writing. There’s plenty of writing talent in the room. I’m answering questions and describing how interactions would work between executives, VCs, employees, etc."

Mike Judge vouches for him, so that’s got to count for something. The show’s creator not only calls Costolo funny but also a valuable resource just to make sure scenarios dreamed up by the other writers might actually happen in real life.

The most recent season of Silicon Valley its second, ended this summer. HBO has renewed it for a third season, but its unclear at this time when exactly it will air.