What’s On HBO This Weekend – 10/24 – 10/25


In this edition of “What’s On HBO This Weekend,” it’s a solid couple of days for comedy and boxing lovers. Saturday night marks the premier of Bad Words starring Jason Bateman, followed by World Championship Boxing. Unfortunately for fans of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the show is on another break and returns next month. Here’s the lineup of new programming for this weekend.

Saturday 10/24

8:00 p.m. – Bad Words

HBO description: Jason Bateman is a venomous, 40-year-old proofreader who begins entering spelling bees thanks to a loophole in the rules. Dominating his pint-sized competition and enraging parents and contest officials alike, Guy Trilby (Bateman) sets his sights on the National Spelling Bee, holding back on the reasons for his efforts to a young reporter, while forming an unexpected friendship along the way. “Probably the most effective pipe bomb of misanthropic comedy since ‘Bad Santa’.” Co-starring Kathryn Hahn, Amanda Anka, Rohan Chand, Philip Baker Hall, Allison Janney, Ben Falcone, Steve Witting, Beth Grant and Gwen Parden. Directed by Jason Bateman; written by Andrew Dodge. (R)

9:30 p.m. – World Championship Boxing

HBO description: Junior welterweight champ Terence Crawford (26-0, 18 KOs) takes on Dierry Jean (29-1, 20 KOs). (TVPG)

Sunday 10/25

9:00 p.m. – The Leftovers “Orange Sticker”

HBO description: In the midst of an earthquake, Nora awakens to find Kevin missing and her hopes of safety in their new town dashed. The Murphys are left reeling after Evie’s disappearance. Kevin returns home but without his memory of the night before or his cell phone, which would link him to the missing girls. Meanwhile, an old enemy makes her return in an unexpected way. (TVMA)

10:00 p.m. – Project Greenlight “Accident Waiting to Happen”

HBO description: On the final day of shooting at the house, the production team grows increasingly frustrated that Jason has not chosen a location for the car-crash scene. Later, Jason meets with the stunt coordinator to map out the crash logistics. During the last night of filming, Jason gets words of encouragement from a surprise visitor to the set, while he and the production team race against the clock to wrap before the sun comes up. (TVMA)