Watch the Preview for The Leftovers Episode 15


The plot of The Leftovers season two is chugging along as we reach its midpoint. Episode 15 entitled “No Room at the Inn” will shed some light on what exactly is going on with Nora’s brother Matt Jamison.

We don’t know much about his story other than the fact that he was one of Mapleton’s first residents to seek refuge in Jarden Texas. He’s involved with the local church there and he’s all-in on the heeling powers of Miracle. In last week’s episode, he revealed to Nora that his wife Mary woke from her coma for one night. The two of them were about to talk for the first time since the departure. But when he woke up the next day, she was back in her coma.

Was he dreaming? Did she really speak? We don’t know the answer to that, but we might get some insight in next week’s episode since the couple will be the focus. It looks like Matt and Mary are going to be in serious danger. The couple are living in a garage, but judging by the clip it looks like that deal is going to run out. Matt is scrambling to find a new place to live. Jarden’s strict residential laws and wristband system looks like it’s going to end up leaving Matt and Mary with nowhere to go.

Episode 14 showed what it’s like on the outside of Jarden in its makeshift shanty town, and that is no place for a priest and his comatose wife. Matt and Mary were stars of one of the best episodes in season one. Remember when he gambled in order to save his church? That was an incredible episode. Hopefully they’re able to match that excitement in season two. “No Room at the Inn” premiers this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Ep. 15: Preview