John Oliver Talks Election on CBS This Morning


John Oliver was a guest on CBS This Morning yesterday to talk about the success of his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The interview talked about change that his show has been the catalyst for, sex and politics. Oliver was as quick and witty as ever.

The CBS Morning crew spent most of the interview flattering Oliver with positive quotes from magazines and other news about the breakout success of Last Week Tonight.

We’re at the end of the week and we’re last to the buffet, so why not pick the items at the buffet that no one is interested in, he said of the show. It’s clear from every grown he gives after receiving praise that Oliver is more comfortable in the safe zone of his own show rather than being flattered on someone else’s.

Oliver’s isn’t just shouting into the void every week with his comedic commentary on important issues. CBS Morning’s Gail King recites actual change that has taken place as a result of Last Week Tonight. 

“A month after your show on bail, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced he would ease policies on low-level offenders,” said King to Oliver. “After your rant on U.S. territory rights, a judge cited an episode in her court decision in a class action case brought by Guam citizens over a tax refund. Your famous net neutrality segment got the public to react so strongly that it crashed the FCC website.”

Oliver stays incredibly modest as he denies that the show is truly responsible for those actions. He then cracks up the panel after their discussion about sex becomes the topic of conversation. Video from a previous CBS News segment about sex was previously used on Last Week Tonight segment.

The interview wraps with a conversation on U.S. democracy. Oliver says that the process is way too long with campaigns and debates kicking off well over a year before the actual election. “There’s a lot of talk without a great deal being said,” said Oliver.

As for Donald Trump, Oliver says that he was very much not endorsed Donald Tump. “I don’t really care about him. I don’t really think about him,” he said. When asked if he would want to have him on the show, his response was that he doesn’t have anything to say to him. He’s already said everything he wants to say. Check out the full video below.