John Oliver and Donald Trump: Who’s Right?


John Oliver and Donald Tump faced off on Twitter last week following Oliver’s appearance and remarks made on CBS This Morning. Oliver appeared on the program late last week, and was questioned about Donald Trump. Oliver said that he wasn’t interested in having the republican presidential candidate on his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Specifically, Oliver said he didn’t want Trump on the show because Trump has already said everything he wants to, so he doesn’t understand what the point would be. Trump caught wind of the comments and took to twitter with a response stating that he was asked in the past to appear on the show but refused. Here’s the tweet in question:

Since Twitter allows for instantaneous feedback, the official Last Week Tonight Twitter account fired back with a pretty perfect response that was retweeted by Oliver himself.

It’s tough to know for sure who’s telling the truth here. It’s easy for Trump to say he was contacted, but Oliver and company were quick to say they didn’t. But here’s one important thing to consider: Political guests have never been a part of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Oliver focuses on a seldom covered topic that for about 20 minutes after he covers some of the news of the week. At no point are guests ever a part of the half-hour show for interview purposes. Occasionally celebrities appear in the last two minutes for comedic purposes.

We’ll probably never know for sure who’s telling the truth in this situation, but it’s not difficult to make an educated guess on who’s being dishonest.