Watch the Tease for Girls Season 5


The fifth season of Girls is coming soon to HBO. This weekend just before The Leftovers premiered its fifth episode of the season, the teaser trailer in question appeared.

It’s by definition a teaser rather than a full trailer. It shows nothing about the plot or what to expect in season five. Instead, it shows Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) letting loose in a dance studio. Everyone around her is watching with encouragement, until she bumps into her mother at the end.

Where not exactly sure how things ended up between Hannah and Fran or Hannah and Adam from the finale of last season, and unfortunately this tease doesn’t shed any light on that situation. You’ll just have to wait for the full season five trailer of Girls if you want to see what the characters are going to be up to. It looks like it’s still pretty much a mystery for all characters.

It’s still pretty early to get excited about the next season of Girls. The season five premier happens on February 21. That’s just shy of half a year away. If I had to guess, it looks like the upcoming drama Vinyl is going to be its lead in. We know Vinyl premiers one week before Girls on Valentine’s Day. Vinyl will most likely fill the 9 o’clock slot followed by Girls at 10.

We’re still in the middle of The Leftovers season, which has five more episodes to go in its second season, but the winter and spring shows will be here before we even know it. What shows are you looking forward to in the next coming seasons on HBO? Sound off in the comments below. There’s a lot to look forward to and I’m not just talking about Game of Thrones. Check out the teaser trailer for Girls season 5 below.

Season 5 Tease