This is Bill Simmons’ First HBO Project


Bill Simmons announced earlier this Summer that HBO would be his new home after 14 years with ESPN. Since then, the only thing we knew about his HBO work was that it would be coming sometime next year. Now Page Six is reporting that his first project will be a documentary about the late professional wrestler and actor Andre the Giant.

It may be a puzzling first choice as his first documentary subject, but there’s a wealth of interesting content on Andre the Giant. The 7-foot-4, 500-pound French farmhand was a part of the then-WWF when it was on the cusp of becoming a force in popular culture. He was also one of the first professional wrestlers to crossover into mainstream stardom.

He starred in Rob Reiner’s comedy classic The Princess Bride. Those who worked with him in the past echo stories about his outrageous drinking habits, and that he was able to drink more than 100 beers in a single sitting.

Bill Simmons is no stranger to documentaries. ESPN’s 30 for 30 docu-series was Simmons’ brain child. During his time there, Simmons served as executive producer of many of the episodes and appeared in some such as Four Days in October.

Simmons will have the help of some of ESPN’s former talent that followed him when he left the network. Jonathan Hock has had documentary subjects like the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team and college basketball coach Jim Valvano.

Simmons left ESPN after the network decided to not renew his contract. Simmons had a history of disagreements and suspensions with the network throughout his time there. Simmons was suspended from social media after critical tweets about ESPN’s morning show First Take. His popular podcast The B.S. Report was suspended last year, as was Simmons himself for remarks he made about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

No word yet on an actual release date for his first project, but it can be expected sometime next year.