John Oliver Tackles the Washington Football Team


Dan Snyder and the Washington [expletive deleted] have been in a legal battle over the naming rights of the NFL football team. A federal judge upheld a decision to cancel the team’s trademark protection, because a business’ name cannot be something that may disparage people.

Earlier this week, Dan Snyder and company answered back to this ruling by pointing out names of businesses (mostly pornography websites) that were allowed to keep their name and trademark protection. This was covered by plenty of local Washington news sources, but many were not allowed to say the names of the businesses that were cited. Since John Oliver and his show air on HBO, his team does not have to follow such guidelines.

Oliver spent a couple minute rattling off several names that were cited by Washington’s argument; each more comical than the last.

Seriously, Dan Snyder and Washington, if you have to bring up names of pornography websites in your argument, you’re basically saying that your organization’s name bares a resemblance to internet smut. How much longer can you drag out this process?

Oliver concluded the bit by saying everyone in a fantasy football league should change their name to, “Dan Snyder is a thin-skinned racist whose sunglasses look like something a tacky pedophile would settle for.” Never mind that this team name is far too long to use in fantasy football, it would still be a great gag for your league.

The segment was a part of Oliver’s opening, which runs down major stories from the week. The show’s main topic was about America’s prison system and reintroducing former inmates back into society.

The video hasn’t yet been posted on Last Week Tonight’s official YouTube channel, but it has been posted elsewhere. Check out the full clip here as John Oliver scores the comedy equivalent of a touchdown.