Westworld is Already Getting Spoofed


Westn’t hasn’t begun yet and already the spoofs are here

You know you’ve really made it when you’re being spoofed before premiering. That’s the situation that Westworld is in right now. The series isn’t set to premiere until this Sunday, but it’s already the talk of the town. To put things into more perspective, there was this kind of electricity in the air back when the first season of True Detective aired. That’s what we’re dealing with here.

Jimmy Kimmel Live gets props for being the first late night show to spoof Westworld, and they do so both brilliantly and most obviously. The spoof features a confused Kanye West (get it?) spliced into a scene. Since the show hasn’t started yet the only footage that Kimmel and his team could pull from was one of the trailers.

Check it out:

It’s sublime in its stupidity. If only “Kanye Westworld” was a real thing, life would be just perfect. We’ll have to make do with the minute-long spoof, unfortunately. Just the still of Kanye before you click play is perfect. There’s really not much to it besides clips of Kanye West being himself mixed with Westworld. It ends with Kanye apologizing for “the realness,” because how could it end any other way?

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This could only be the beginning. And we’re not talking about the spoofs in general, but for “Kanye Westworld.” This is a potential goldmine that needs to be explored, or else it would be a tragically wasted opportunity. The weight of this falls squarely on the shoulders of Jimmy Kimmel Live. When the show actually starts they’ll have much more to draw from. If there is any goodness in the world, this will be a full-fledged thing by mid-October. It has to be.