Darren Aronofsky’s MaddAddam Sci-Fi Series Won’t Air on HBO

Darren Aronofsky will have to look elsewhere for a home for his post-apocalyptic sci-fi series MaddAddam.

Though he’s not as buzzworthy as he once was, Darren Aronofsky still has the reputation to have a lot of fans following his next move. At one point, it looked like that was going to be MaddAddam, a sci-fi series based on a trilogy of novels by Margaret Atwood, on HBO.

But that’s not happening, or at least the past part of it isn’t. According to The Playlist (with a h/t to Birth Movies Death), HBO is no longer interested in the series, which would have made a killer one-two punch with Westworld had it been developed at the same time.

Expect it to turn up somewhere, though. With 10 episodes already written by Eliza Clark (Joss Whedon’s sister-in-law), Aronofsky sounded hopeful when he spoke to Vulture:

“We are working hard on it, and trying to figure it out.” He said, “We are still in play.”

Aronofsky has already made his mark on sci-fi with Pi and The Fountain. He’s also explored the idea of a world-altering flood in Noah, though it should be noted that the flood in Atwood’s novels is figurative, not literal.

It’s the concluding book in the trilogy that is actually called MaddAddam, but that’s a memorable enough name that it makes sense for the TV series. Fans seem hopeful it could end up on Netflix, and the compact season would make for a nice fit for that company.