Take a Walk Down a Vampire-Filled Memory Lane with Our Top 50 True Blood Moments

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True Blood pushed boundaries and talked about important issues while having a really good time doing it. Here’s a look at the Top 50 moments from the show.

True Blood was a major hit for HBO at a time when HBO’s original programming was starting to come into its own. In its seven seasons, the show smashed stereotypes and forced conversations about homosexuality, racism, violence, prejudice, and values. Nothing was off limits.

In the middle of all of the issues it discussed, it also had its fair share of sexy vampires, hot werewolves, evil witches and boatloads of drama. And sex. Lots of sex. True Blood was the guilty pleasure of HBO summertime programming. Let’s take a look at the top 50 moments from HBO’s True Blood.

50. Jason Has “God” Sex

Jason Stackhouse can always be counted upon for a good sex scene. His raw and rugged masculinity practically forces him to offer himself to any woman who needs a good tussle in the sheets.

That said, you don’t have to ask him twice when it comes to sex. When Sarah Newlin shows up at his door, he is cautious at first because their initial liaison didn’t go so well when her husband found out back at the Fellowship. But now that Steve Newlin is a gay vampire, Sarah is concerned with saving Jason’s soul as part of her new calling. She tells him she failed him before, and now she knows what God wants. She has been with a “gay guy” and an “old guy” and now she sees that she and Jason were destined to be together.

“God wants me to f–k you,” she says. And Jason does just that, mostly out of a need to reinforce his heterosexuality in light of Steve’s recent revelations. “How’s God doing now?” he asks.  “Righteous,” she breathes.