HBO is having a Westworld marathon before the season finale

See every episode in order leading up to the Westworld season finale this Sunday night.

Let’s say that for some reason, you haven’t taken a step into Westworld yet. Alternately, maybe you’re a huge fan who wants to go back over everything you’ve seen prior to the season finale.

HBO has you covered either way. The network is running a Westworld marathon on HBO2 this Sunday, December 4. It kicks off at noon Eastern, and since nine episodes have aired so far, it conveniently takes you all the way up to the premiere of the season 1 finale at 9 p.m. Eastern.

(Yes, some of the episodes were a little longer than an hour, but some were apparently a little shorter to balance that out. We’ve checked TV Guide and it works, so you’ll just have to trust us. And HBO. And TV Guide, we guess.)

It’s pretty safe to say that watching the entire season in one sitting will be a tremendous mind screw. However, you’re also likely to see some of the clues you missed the first time around, which we won’t discuss here for the benefit of people who might be first-timers on Sunday.

Speaking of newcomers, it’s hard to even imagine what it will be like to jump in with both feet having not seen any of the series up until this point. At least you lucky folks won’t have to wait a week between any of the cliffhangers.

In any case, if you’ve made plans for this Sunday, you might want to go ahead and cancel them now. With all due respect to the NFL and anything else going on, there’s something more pressing to attend to on HBO2. Enjoy!