Veep Season 6 only just Wrapped


HBO’s best comedy has wrapped filming of its sixth season

It was the only other day that we learned that Veep season 6 would premiere in April. Admittedly it wasn’t difficult to figure that one out, as April is Veep’s usual spot. Still, even though we now know when Veep is returning, that doesn’t mean that the show wasn’t filming until the absolute last-minute. In fact, season 6 only wrapped filming about a day ago. That’s after the premiere announcement, by the way.

The official Twitter account sent out a slew of clips of the finishing touches. Take, for example, this clip featuring showrunner David Mandel wrapping Julia Louis-Dreyfus in LA:

And there are many more where that one came from on the show’s official Twitter. Veep’s Twitter social media efforts have been Herculean during the off-season, offering inside looks and memes galore. If you haven’t checked it out already we highly suggest you do so, along with David Mandel’s personal Twitter account, which has also been a goldmine. Take note other HBO shows that dream of this level of popularity: this is how you run a social media account.

Back to the topic at hand, it’s not uncommon for shows to finish filming after a premiere date has been announced. It’s also not uncommon for Veep to share wrap clips on Twitter; they’ve been doing it for years. Still, it’s exciting to see the cast and crew applaud and generally be happy.. It makes us feel closer to the show, and it also means it’s that much closer to being on television.

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Veep season 6 will premiere on April 16th, and there is a new teaser to chew on. Now that filming is officially over, we expect more teasers and at least one full trailer to appear before too long.