The Walking Dead Season 7 finale is ‘heartbreaking’


The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohen is teasing the season finale episode as being heartbreaking, meaning bad things are likely about to happen.

It hasn’t been the most well received season of The Walking Dead, but this week’s finale is gearing up to be something special. It’s also looking like it might be devastating, which would bookend a season that started with two main characters getting killed off.

The deaths of Glenn and Abraham set the season off to a gruesome start, and the violence was toned way the heck down from that point forward. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any violence in the season, as we saw Spencer get disemboweled and there is always the threat of nasty walker kills.

With just one episode left in the season, we run the risk of seeing another character get killed off before we’re ready to say goodbye to them. Actress Lauren Cohen spoke recently about the episode and noted that fans had better be ready for some heartbreak.

“You’re certainly in for a lot of emotion,” she told “[It’s] incredibly bittersweet, beautiful and heartbreaking.”

There are two prime candidates to get killed off in the final episode of the season. Sasha basically gave herself up to The Saviors and the actress who played her is set to appear on the new Star Trek series. That’s a huge indicator that Sasha could be getting killed off, something that would constitute the heartbreak that is being teased.

The other popular choice is Gregory, who has managed to weasel his way onto the wrong side of Walking Dead fans thanks to his habit of trying to rat out members of Rick’s group for his own gain.

Either way, something is going to happen in the season finale of The Walking Dead and we’d best start speaking our peace while we can.