Best live streams to watch TV shows


When you’re not near a TV and still want to watch your favorite shows these live streams will have you covered on your mobile devices.

We live in a generation of chord cutters, which means more than ever before live streams and streaming services are a way of life. Cable subscribers still exist, but Millennials have ushered in the era of streaming, which means you don’t have to feel so dirty about searching high and low for alternative ways of watching your favorite shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking DeadFargo and so many more.

For those who want to watch episodes as they are happening at night, here are the best and cleanest ways to watch. Note that for some, you will need a login or cable subscription to view:

1. HBO Go

2. Showtime Anytime

3. FX Now


If you’re a little more patient and don’t feel obligated to watch your favorite show when it’s live, here are a few sites where you can either stream or purchase the episode that you may have missed.

1. Amazon Instant Video

2. iTunes

3. Hulu

4. HBO Now

There are also some streams that are a little more questionable with lower video quality. It’s not recommended at all that you use any of these streams and you are using at your own risk.

1. Stream2Go

2. Live TV Cafe

3. Live Stream TV

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There are a ton of ways enjoy the best shows on right now, as well as digging back into the past. Many of these streaming services, such as HBO Go and others, have back catalogs of all shows that have aired on the network. Which means while you’re awaiting the next episode of Game of Thrones, you can dig back in the past and look at The Larry Sanders ShowThe Sopranos and others.