The Walking Dead Season 7 finale: Did Negan die?


The Walking Dead featured one of its best villains this season in Negan, but did he end up meeting his maker in the season finale episode?

Before we even get started, let’s address the very obvious spoiler that will be discussed here. IF you haven’t seen the finale episode of The Walking Dead, then stop right here. I’m not kidding, we’re going to spoil the living hell out of the episode in a few sentences, so this is the point of no return.

Alright, this is the point of no return. Anything you read or see beyond this point is your own doing. Please don’t make me the person who spoils one of the biggest moments of the season for you, I don’t need that on my head.

Here we go.

One question we all had heading into the season finale episode was whether or not Negan was going to make it through alive or if his story arch would come to an end.

We haven’t seen a villain like Negan ever before on The Walking Dead, and it gave fans something to root for when it comes to his demise. That’s not a consistent thing on the show, but the good pitted against evil plot line was something to be invested in.

The idea of carrying Negan over into the next season of the show wasn’t all that crazy. The Governor was a villain who existed over multiple seasons of the show but he wasn’t really at the level Negan reached this season. While we hated The Governor, he had background that made him mildly sympathetic. We understood what made him the way he was and that was something that held him back from being the pure evil that Negan represents.

Depending on who you are, it’s either awesome or unfortunate that Negan did not meet his end before the episode was over. While it would have been great to see him eat it, he’s going to be a villain that carries over into next season which might end up being the best decision the show has made in a long time.