The Walking Dead Season 7 finale review: Holy mother of God that was amazing

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The Walking Dead aired its seventh season finale tonight, and holy mother of god did we get the payoff we hoped to get.

Another season of The Walking Dead is in the books. While it wasn’t the most well received season along the way, the finale episode did its best to either make up for that or encapsulate everything we hated about this season.

Hating this season has been easy, and the finale episode was far from perfect. That being said, let’s not be cynical downers about what was probably one of the better payoffs to a season we’ve seen yet.

Before you go any further, there are spoilers ahead (I mean, obviously). So if you haven’t seen the finale episode yet please stop here and do not proceed further. I don’t want to spoil anything and you don’t want anything spoiled. We’re still on mutual ground and it’d be really awesome if it stayed that way.

If you have seen the episode and need to talk to someone about it, we’re here for that too. Before we think too hard about the burning questions we have for Season 8, let’s go back over the biggest moments of tonight’s finale and what they mean.