When will The Walking Dead Season 7 be on Netflix?


The Walking Dead put another season in the books, but when will it be showing up on Netflix?

Another season of AMC’s The Walking Dead wrapped up this weekend, but the fun is only just beginning. While it wasn’t the most well received season of the show by fans or critics, it’s still an important entry into the overall mythology of the show, and the episodes are ones that everyone will need to watch to stay up with the story.

Of course, not everyone did that. After the season premiere episode aired, scores of fans jumped ship and claimed the show had become too much to handle. Most of them eventually circled back to the series but missed episodes can throw a viewer off their game in a bad way.

Thankfully, for fans who missed episodes of this season, the show will be on Netflix for consumption in the future. The only question is when will we see the episodes drop?

Right now we don’t know exactly when The Walking Dead will make the jump to Netflix but historically it’s a safe bet to guess it will be sometime around October. That’s when Season 8 is slated to premiere. In the past, Netflix has dropped the previous season of the show onto their servers to time it with the start of a new season. It’s not an exact science, but that’s pretty much what fans have come to expect.

With no exact date to circle on the calendar, it’s hard to not be anxious about missing a chance to get all caught up before the eighth season of the show premiers in the fall. That being said, all previous six seasons of The Walking Dead are currently streaming on Netflix and aren’t subject to the month-to-month turnover that sometimes acts as a race against the clock when watching a series.

So at the very least, in the wait for the seventh season to drop on Netflix, fans can re-live the better days of the show as we prepare for hopefully more of those days in the future.