When does The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere?


The Walking Dead wrapped up another season, but when will the next one premiere so we can get back to all the action?

After another season of The Walking Dead, fans are now being forced into a show hole that is leaving us without new episodes. This season wasn’t the best received but it’s still better than most things on television and has fans hungry to see where the show could possibly go after the finale we witnessed.

The question we all have now is when will the show be coming back?

Right now, obviously, there is no concrete premiere date. This isn’t an uncommon thing, as the schedules at AMC haven’t yet been set. We probably won’t know for a few months when the show premieres, but we at least know the general time frame in which that will happen.

Historically, The Walking Dead has premiered in October, varying from the beginning of the month to closer near Halloween. This most recent season premiered the day before Halloween, while other seasons have premiered within the first two weeks of the month. Basically, without being specific, we can expect the show to premiere in October 2017.

Of course this is assuming the show doesn’t go through any production setbacks, something that pushed True Detective back an entire year and has moved Game of Thrones from a typical spring premiere date to a summer slot.

All signs point to The Walking Dead producing an eighth season without many hiccups along the way which means October is the month to circle for the premiere. As far as when we will know the exact date, don’t be surprised if we find out at Comic-Con in July.