Did you catch this awesome Easter Egg in the Defenders trailer?


Netflix has dropped a viral teaser for the upcoming Defenders series, and it featured a pretty cool investigative Easter Egg.

This week saw the reveal of the first trailer for Netflix’s Defenders series, which is the coming together of the network’s Marvel stars. Everyone who has a show to their own is here, from pioneers Daredevil and Jessica Jones to newbies Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

We all got a look at the show on Tuesday, thanks to a viral video that is likely the start of a campaign that will be in similar ilk.

Here’s a look at the trailer, which isn’t really a trailer even though it is:

It’s not an official trailer in the sense that we don’t see any footage of the new series. But it’s a trailer nonetheless as it teases us ever so perfectly. There are a few things wrong with it, like why is Daredevil in a mask and not any of the others — petty but valid complaints.

The real treat here is a small easter egg that you probably missed on the first few viewings. You can’t be blamed for missing it, as you all have lives to lead while I have the kind of antisocial time on my hands to sniff these things out.

In the upper lefthand corner of the CCTV feed is an IP address. Type that address into your web browser and you’ll be redirected to a website for the NY Bulletin Archives.

The NY Bulletin is the fictional newspaper used in the Netflix Marvel shows.

What this indicates, aside from the shared universe that we already knew about, is a cool little viral campaign to advertise the show. Netflix has gotten cute with their social campaigns for their Marvel shows and this is another cool way to drum up grassroots interest in the show. This isn’t a giant Marvel Cinematic Universe release that will have tens of millions of advertising dollars behind it.

We’re all going to want to watch the Defenders series, and Marvel is smart enough to start the story not in the pilot but in their ad campaign ahead of it.