The Walking Dead cast just got a whole lot bigger for All Out War


The Walking Dead is ready for All Out War, and that means the size of the cast has grown to accommodate the bloodshed.

Last season of The Walking Dead wasn’t the strongest we’ve ever seen, and it left a lot to be desired for fans of the show. It’s clear what the next move for the show is, as All Out War is going toe played out as we saw happen in the comic book storyline.

With that, we know there’s a need to grow the cast. That’s something that happened this week as a handful of actors were bumped up to series regulars.

The latest series part-timers who have graduated to full-time series regulars are Steven Ogg (Simon), Katelyn Nacon (Enid) and Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis).

That’s right, if you’re coming to The Walking Dead for Trevor from GTA V then you’re in luck.

Swelling the size of the cast like this makes sense. We’re going to see the All Out War storyline played out, which is a natural reason for expansion. Beyond that though, actors like Steven Ogg and Katelyn Nacon have not only payed their characters fantastically but are playing roles that remain internal to the progression of the plot. Enid is a growing love interest for Carl and she’s establishing herself as a strong character in Rick/Maggie’s camp.

On the flip side, Ogg’s role as the cunning side kick to Negan is one that has grown in ways a lot of us hoped it might between the Season 6 finale and the last episode of this season. He’s a strong actor who needs more screen time and is supplementing Negan’s king villain role with absolute perfection. It’s not a grandiose statement to say Ogg and his acting is one of the most criminally underrated aspects of the show in its current incarnation.

Thankfully we’ll get to see more of him and the other actors who were bumped up to series regulars for Season 8. The Walking Dead will return in the fall of this year on AMC.