American Gods Season 1, Episode 3 preview (Video)


Check out this preview of Season 1, Episode 3 of the critically-acclaimed series American Gods, airing on Starz, called “Head Full of Snow.”

The first season of American Gods is off to an amazing start, and the third episode — called “Head Full of Snow” seems to be keeping in that tradition. We all first saw this preview right after the second episode, called “The Secret of Spoons,” and it looked just as interesting as the rest of the show did. In fact, a case could be made that this episode will be the best episode of the season (and that’s no small order, considering how good the show is so far).

Check out the preview video of the third episode of the first season of American Gods below.

The premise, of course, is that Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) is getting closer and closer to assembling all the Old Gods. If you’re wondering about Mr. Wednesday’s real identity, just look at his name: while some, rather misinformed, people think that Mr. Wednesday is Satan himself, he’s actually the Norse god Odin (“Wednesday” is a modern version of “Woden’s Day,” which celebrated the leader of the Wild Hunt — namely, Odin).

And, as we’ll see in upcoming episodes of American Gods, he’s on Earth right now getting together the Old Gods so they can prepare to face off and do battle with the “New Gods,” who are Media and Technology, and who are gaining a foothold on Earth (Lucille Ball, played by Gillian Anderson, is one of the “New Gods,” while Czernobog, played by Peter Stormare, is one of the Old Gods).

You could say, then, that Mr. Neil Gaiman himself is telling a modern-day morality fable.

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American Gods airs every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. EST on Starz. Check your local listings for the channel.