Who died on ‘American Gods’ tonight?


Was this a quiet night, or did a lot of people die on American Gods, which airs on Starz, tonight? Find out in our summary here

Last week’s episode of American Gods was a lot of things — interesting, engaging, and just plain awesome — but one of the biggest things it was is, frankly, bloody and gory. There was a lot of death involved in the first episode — which is necessary to keep the story moving — but this week was a lot quieter.

Still, there were some deaths that happened, so the question begs itself: who died on American Gods tonight?

The only people that bear mentioning as having died, of course, are the people on the slave ship shown at the beginning of the episode. Led by Anansi (or, Mr. Nancy, played by Orlando Jones), and faced with their own mortality and the prospect of an awful future, they revolted and burned down the ship. We can’t blame them for doing so (and this kinda-sorta happened back then), but still…

Everyone else seemed to survive this episode of American Gods relatively intact. (The keyword here, of course, is “relatively,” since clearly there was quite a lot of blood. (Although whose blood it was remained to be seen.)

Perhaps it’d be easier to take a look at who got hurt on this episode of American Gods — with the biggest one being Shadow Moon, who was getting stapled and stitched back together after his rather unfortunate encounter with Tech Boy and the Children in the last episode. (This writer is sure that we all grunted along as his ragged skin got pulled together rather graphically — but what else can we expect from the show, which is certainly unafraid to show it all and then some?)

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