The Handmaid’s Tale: Ofglen (OG) Returns


The original Ofglen will return to her role as a handmaid

It’s been a couple of episodes since the original Ofglen was taken and “tried” for crimes, chief among them for being gay. Her lover was executed and she was castrated (she is still” fertile,” after all), because that’s how it goes in The Handmaid’s Tale. After not appearing in the previous episode, Ofglen will return in episode 5 to her post as a Handmaid. Considering that there is now a new Ofglen, it stands to reason that she’ll be at a different house and with a different name.

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After being generally horrible to Offred (especially after it came out that she wasn’t pregnant) it seems that Serena has come around. Sort of. She proposes a new way to move forward, though the preview only lightly touches on that. It stands to reason that Serena has figured out a way to get Offred pregnant, or to at least end up with a baby. It’s an important turn that she now feels desperate enough to play outside the law in order to get what she wants.

The real meat here, however, is the return of Ofglen. It will be interesting to see how The Handmaid’s Tale handles that, as we certainly didn’t expect her to be dropped back in the same neighborhood. Also, as it has become a bit of a sticking point, Offred trying to pry information out of her in the market doesn’t exactly feel safe when we’ve been told that this is a society that watches your every move. Maybe save that sort of talk for private?

Having the original Ofglen back will surely bolster that sense of impending revolution, or upheaval, that The Handmaid’s Tale has been cultivating. Even though she tries to warn Offred off, we don’t expect that to really take – especially after she learns what was done to her.