5 American Gods Predictions for episode 6, “A Murder of Gods”

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American Gods “Lemon Scented You” was a wild ride that propelled the plot forward after last week’s slow burn look at Laura Moon’s past.

That being said, we have some thoughts about what is going to happen in next week’s episode “A Murder of Gods” which, based on the promo, is finally going to address the war between the old gods and new that has been building up throughout the season.

1. Laura Moon has a part to play in this war, and it has nothing to do with Shadow.

After this week’s awkward confrontation between husband and (dead) wife Shadow and Laura Moon, it’s clear that Laura is going to have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim Shadow’s trust and make their marriage work again.

But we have a feeling that Laura’s journey isn’t just about Shadow though.  We think that Laura is going to play a key part in this war between the old gods and the new. If you notice in this week’s episode, Laura seems to be digesting the world of the gods and accepting the strangeness far too easily (Shadow at this point is still questioning reality). Laura’s smart, quick witted and doesn’t take no for an answer, which makes her the perfect candidate to join this war.

Hell, she might even be a better bodyguard than Shadow for Wednesday at this point, did you see how strong she’s become?