4 American Gods Predictions for “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

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Photo Credit: Starz

This week’s episode of American Gods “A Murder of Gods” had everything from blazing volcano guns to the death of Jesus himself to the murder of, you guessed it, a god.

Looking ahead at next week’s episode titled “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” we have some predictions about where our favorite road tripping gods, travelers, and dead women are going to end up as we come towards the end of season 1.

1. Next week is all about Mad Sweeney

We know it’s kind of obvious (look at the title), but we have a strong feeling that next week’s episode is going to focus heavily on the luck and unluckiness that is Mad Sweeney’s story arc.

As of now, Sweeney is totally out of luck. His lucky coin is in Laura Moon’s belly and the only way he can get it out is if she willingly gives it to him which is not going to happen. So where does this leave Sweeney? Right now he’s in an interesting place with Laura and Salim as an interesting band of misfits traveling with Laura at the helm trying to get to Wisconsin, find the Jinn and find Shadow Moon, but we have a feeling that next week Sweeney is going to find himself in trouble with the new gods.