Characters I want to die in Game of Thrones season 7

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9. Littlefinger

I don’t want to see Littlefinger die because he’s a bad guy, I just want him to die because I’m sick of his crap. Littlefinger and his Westerosi Ponzi scheme are just getting old.

Littlefinger has been a device for Game of Thrones‘ conflict since season 1. “Oh, snap, Littlefinger betrayed X and now that lets Y happen!” It was fun when Littlefinger turned on Eddard Stark because it was shocking, and let’s be honest Eddard was just too dumb to live. There’s nothing shocking about Littlefinger’s games anymore though.

We all now that Littlefinger is not to be trusted, and by now everyone in Westeros should know that too. In order to trust Littlefinger after he has betrayed so many people and houses you’d have to be an absolute moron, you know, like one of the Stark kids.

The Littlefinger loves Sansa thing is also creepy. It’s not Ser Friendzone loves Westeros Taylor Swift creepy yet, but it’s getting there.

What really bugs me about Littlefinger though is that so many of his plays don’t seem to make sense. Chaos is a ladder? OK fine, but a ladder to where? It made sense to betray the Starks for the Lannisters, and maybe it made sense to betray the Lannisters for the Boltons, but now we are back to the Starks. If Littlefinger was on social media he’d be that guy posting memes of Heath Ledger’s Joker and talking about how edgy he is.

Littlefinger is the original edgelord of Westeros, and for that, he needs to die.