We need a Game of Thrones style Star Wars television show

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

A dark and gritty Game of Thrones style series based on the Sith is the way to fulfill Star Wars’ ultimate television destiny.

We need a Star Wars television series. The only form of media the mighty Star Wars franchise hasn’t conquered is television. Sure there have been Star Wars cartoons on television, but there hasn’t been a Star Wars live action series that grips and holds the imagination of the viewing public. Star Was has not had its Game of Thrones type series, but it could…

Now, Star Wars has sort of been down the road to a series already. George Lucas was working on a show about the underworld of the SW universe. The show would have followed a bounty hunter and his mentor around the galaxy. Mr. Lucas, however, is no longer in the Star Wars story creation business. So it doesn’t matter if you thought this was a good idea or a bad idea, it isn’t going to happen.

The President of Disney-ABC Television Group said that no Star Wars series was going to happen until after the current set of Star Wars movies were finished. That, however, was way back in September 2016 though, the ancient past in terms of media.

Here’s how and why Star Wars should be made into a television series, a Game of Thrones style dark television series focused on the Sith. It’s time to give in to the dark side.