We need a Game of Thrones style Star Wars television show

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm


What makes people watch Game of Thrones? Is it the smoldering good looks of Jon Snow? Nope, it’s watching people get killed in more and more insane ways. It’s seeing a web of treachery unfold with disastrous consequences. It’s watching as a power struggle unfolds and adversaries claw their way towards the throne. You know who has all of these things in spades? THE FREAKING SITH.

Which part of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story does everyone talk about as the big awesome scene? Is it one of the fifty speeches about hope? Or is it Darth Vader totally wrecking everyone’s shit for three minutes at the end of the film?

Yeah, it’s Vader going full Sith on a bunch of rebel scum and just wrecking everyone in his path. If that one scene can get the Star Wars fanbase as hype as it has, and Game of Thrones has proven that dramatic and dark television is a winner, what would an entire series of Sith ass kicking do? All other television series would have to bow down in the presence of their new Star Wars series master.

We aren’t talking killing a few sand people here or implying that younglings are about to be killed off screen. If Star Wars goes down this dark path it needs to go full force. How much fun could be had watching Sith kill each other off trying to grab hold of power? If you think Littlefinger plots a lot just wait until you see a Darth Littlefinger.