We celebrate Father’s Day with the 5 best father’s on televison

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Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18, and we’re celebrating dad with the 5 best father’s on television!

Father’s Day: A time-honored celebration of everything dad does for us. The one day every year that pops gets to sit back in his favorite chair, kick up his feet, and watch his favorite shows all day long without any interruptions or judgments for not wearing pants.

As we look back, this Father’s Day, on some of the greatest fathers to every grace the small screen, we ponder who is the best dad in recent or current television history. Some of these dads may not fit the perfect idea of what we think a dad should be, but they are memorable, nonetheless.

The fathers who made our five best dads on television might be heroes, or they could be villains…they might be gods. They might love all their children equally, or they may have favorites. Some could be considered absentee, while others prefer to be in every aspect of their children’s lives. However, the one thing our five best fathers have in common is they made an indelible mark on not only their children but us, as viewers.

With that in mind, let’s get started, shall we?