American Gods: Our Wish-list for the Season 1 Finale

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American Gods Season 1 2017

The fascinating first season of American Gods is coming to an end this Sunday…

…even though it feels like the season just started. That being said, all good things must come to an end and we have some thoughts about what we want to see go down in the finale.

Here are our predictions for tomorrow’s big finale and how we think this series is going to conclude its first season:

1. The introduction of Easter

We already know that we are going to be meeting the God Easter this season (she was seen in the trailer for this season and, as you can tell, she is seen in a lot of the promotional photos for the finale), but considering Kristin Chenoweth’s Easter has been noticeably absent for the entirety of the season, we hope that the whole episode is going to revolve around this colorful goddess.

What is Easter going to be doing in the finale though? Based on the photos, it looks like Easter’s place is going to be the meet ground for all the old gods to face the new gods in the start of the war between the old gods and the new. We also have a feeling that Easter is going to end up being more powerful than she looks, it can’t be a just a coincidence that Easter’s home is going to be the first battleground and that she’s the last old god we are going to meet this season (you know, save the best for last) so we have some pretty high expectations for the god of the dawn in the finale and we know that Easter will deliver.