What We Want To See Before Orphan Black Ends

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Orphan Black kicked off its final season two weeks ago and with only eight episodes left there are plenty of things we’re desperate to see before the show comes to a close.

The Tatiana Maslany led series has always managed to balance the increasingly crazy premise with the impressive character-driven drama it has gained notoriety for. With so little time left for the series, here’s the list of things we’re hoping to see in order to get some closure for our favorite sestras.

Photo Credit: BBC America

1. A complete Clone Club reunion.  

It feels almost inconsiderate to ask Tatiana Maslany to do more big clone scenes but they’re such a treat to watch. Despite the extremely lengthy shooting time and care that has to go into each multiple clone scene, it wouldn’t be Orphan Black if we didn’t get one more big reunion.

Considering it is the final season, it would be nice to finally see all of the remaining LEDA clones on screen together for one giant Clone Club reunion along with the extended family!