7 questions for Game of Thrones season 7

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Season 7 of Game of Thrones is on the horizon, and the trailers from HBO have left us with questions. Many questions.

HBO has released a pair of beautiful trailers ahead of season 7 of Game of Thrones. The first tilted more towards the dramatic, well the second was heavily focused on all the action going on in Westeros this upcoming season. With only two seasons to go, and if the trailers are any judge, things are going to move at furious pace. Despite how wonderful the trailers were though, we are left with many questions before season 7 lands July 16.

Season 7 might only be seven episodes long, but from the looks of the trailers, we are barely going to be able to keep up. All of our favorite characters seem to be getting knee deep into trouble as always, and we’re here as a form of group therapy. We can get through this together.

From what the heck was Sansa doing in the godswood, to where in Westeros is Jon Snow and everything in between, we take a look at all your burning questions ahead of the season 7 premiere. So strap in, hang on, and pray for your favorite character, not everyone will make it out alive. And be warned, potential spoilers lie ahead. If we are right at least.