Game of Thrones costume designer confirms meeting between major characters


Game Of Thrones season 7 is on the horizon, and with comes major spoilers from an unexpected source.

Our long night is almost over, as Game of Thrones is once more set to brighten our lives with its light. As we reach the end of our darkness, spoilers inevitably have begun to leak out. Spoilers coming from a costume designer aren’t normal, but who cares about the source right? Below this picture of Cersei and Jaime looking pretty fabulous lies confirmation of two major meetings in season 7. Also, some talk about costumes.

Michelle Clapton, who has been the costume designer on Game of Thrones for all but a few episodes of season 6, was recently interviewed about season 7 for Uproxx. While discussing what costume changes meant for certain characters, most notably Jon Snow, Clapton let slip some rather key details. In addition to confirming Jon will travel north of the Wall, Clapton touched on his outfit changes when meeting to heavy hitters in Westeros,

"We had a lot of discussions about does the cape give him presence or is it better to not have that presence? What are we trying to say? There are times when we removed it because we wanted him to be more vulnerable. Especially I think, when he saw Dany, and he went to see her for the first time in her chamber. We decided to remove it, but then when he went to see Cersei, we put it on."

Well there you have it Thrones fans, Jon Snow will not only meet with Daenerys Targaryen, but with the other queen in Westeros, Cersei Lannister. We’d seen allusions to Jon and Daenerys’ meeting in the season 7 trailers, but meeting with Cersei is a bit out of left field. The possibilities of a Jon and Cersei meeting are quite exciting though.

As for Dany’s new combat-ready outfits tinged with a hint of red, Clapton said it was an intentional homage to an unexpected character, her abusive brother Viserys,

"I think it’s quite interesting that we finally see her embracing her brother’s ambition. What does that say? You’re seeing the beginning of something. We’re not at the end yet and I think it’s very important at this moment that we start seeing who she is."

Who knew so much thought was put into the costumes? It doesn’t stop with Dany either, as Cersei’s black, armored look was no accident either, but rather an intentional choice by Clapton to both highlight her strength and express the sense of mourning Cersei felt after the loss of her children,

"She uses this beading [as] this sense of power but it’s all quite brittle and it’s all an adornment. It’s not part of the dress. She has a collar and she has these shoulder pieces, but they’re separate from the dress. Everything’s removable and I thought it was really important that her dress, the simple dress underneath is really uncluttered. She’s in mourning. She puts these things on to show strength but there’s a brittleness in that strength."

Perhaps no character’s attire is more symbolic than Sansa Stark’s according to Clapton, who believes Sansa’s costume both hints at ” hints at the character’s own plans for power,” as well as the events she has endured in the first six seasons of the show,

"There’s an armor to her. There’s feathers again from her time in the Eyrie. There’s a circular necklace, which I think is really important with a needlepoint. And there’s an element in the dress of her mother, the pattern is almost like fishes swimming. It’s this binding against her vulnerability. It’s full of symbolism."

Now that we know all this, we might have to go back and re-watch the entire series. Not that we’re upset about that.

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Game of Thrones season 7 debuts July 16.