Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “Dragonstone?”

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Helen Sloan/HBO

5. Meera Reed 25%

But wait you say, Meera Reed has reached the safety of the Wall in this photo. That means she’s safe, how could Meera die once she makes it to the Wall? Ok, to be fair this is one of our off the Wall suggestions (pun intended), but if you think everything has a happy ending on Game of Thrones, you haven’t been paying attention.

First off, yes Meera is probably safe once she reaches the Wall, that’s why her odds of dying are so low. But, why haven’t we seen Meera in any of the trailers? We’ve seen multiple shots of Bran, and know that he makes it to Winterfell sometime during the season. But where is Meera?

The Night King went through an awful lot of trouble last season in an attempt to get Bran Stark; he clearly views Bran as important. Which means the Night King isn’t likely to just let Bran slip through his cold dead fingers, and even more importantly, the Night King knows exactly where Bran is headed. There are only so many ways past the Wall, and with the Night King and his forces could easily cover all of them. Should they attack, Meera would be a likely casualty. Sorry Meera, you almost made it.